Jessica Furui

Co-founder & Board Member


Five years ago, Jessica Furui (sometimes Georgia McQueery) heeded the ultimatum: "our friendship will suffer if you don't start playing bluegrass." So she bought a cheap mandolin online and that was that. She now plays guitar and bass as well. Turns out when you go bluegrass, you go bluegrass. Five years later, she is a proud board member of the California Bluegrass Association and manages local bluegrass band, The Bow Ties. Jessica has also since upgraded to a custom made Outlaw Mandolin shown in the photo, crafted by friend Nolan Roddick. A specialist in Japanese Sake "by day," she is the beverage director of one of San Francisco's finest sushi restaurants, Akiko's. She has a cat named Milkshake and lives in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco.