Current Chapters



San Francisco Bay Area, California

Lead by: Jessica Furui and Yennie Brecheisen, Handsome Ladies Board Memebers

The Handsome Ladies was born out of the San Francisco bluegrass scene, which is steeped in tradition and where an abundance of talented pickers call home. We're talking Gold Country Bluegrass, people. We've got two fathers here, Bill Monroe and Vern Williams.

Visiting San Francisco? Make sure to check out our Bay Area events and make a stop at Bluegrass Monday at Amnesia in the Mission District. You can find bluegrass almost any night in the Bay Area, check out The Hipster Hoedown for the most extensive event calendar, which is run by the California Bluegrass Association's Bay Area Vice President.

Nashville, Tennessee

Lead by: Michelle Haft, Handsome Ladies Board Memeber

The Handsome Ladies Nashville chapter formed in 2017 when original board member Michelle Haft moved from the Bay Area to Nashville. The local Nashville chapter is based in East Nashville and prides itself on residing in the heartland of country music, home to the original Grand Ole Opry, and surrounded by a network of top notch professional bluegrass pickers. With an impressive level of local talent that can often be intimidating, we strive to provide a welcoming, low-pressure environment for beginner-to-advanced players. Whether you’re a working professional or just getting started in bluegrass, we hope to see you at our next jam or event!

Seattle, Washington

Lead by: Gina Astesana, Handsome Ladies Board Memeber

The Handsome Ladies Seattle chapter has been in the works since Summer 2017, when co-founder, Gina Astesana made her way to Seattle from San Francisco.  In continuing with our mission and values, the Seattle chapter is working hard to spread the bluegrass word throughout the Pacific Northwest.  With the help of The Seattle Ladies Jam, a local contingent of lady pickers, there is never a shortage of jams to attend.  Keep your eye out for local Handsome Ladies workshops, showcases, and of course monthly jams where we work to uphold the tradition of bluegrass and light the way for musicians of any level to find a safe and inspiring place to pick.  

Have you been to the Darrington Bluegrass Festival? What about Wintergrass?  Add them to your list!  Let’s Pick!

Portland, Oregon

We're excited to be in the process of bringing on a new Chapter Ambassador in Portland! Stay tuned for more information and events in the new year!


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