Welcome to the Captain's Log!



In an effort to keep track of our attendance and growth, and to do some fun things with the data that we can harvest, please fill out the Captain's Log for each Handsome Ladies event. If you see a need for a new field, or have any suggestions, please email howdy@thehandsomeladies.org

Please use the name of the Facebook Event, if applicable, for cross-reference.
Is this a Recurring Event? *
i.e: monthly jams, yearly festivals, etc.
Events can have co-hosts, but usually, one captain who takes notes and fills out the log.
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Date of Jam or Event
Please keep a song list, and the keys they were sung in, and post in the specific Facebook event for the group.
Please make not of anything we should keep track of, the general vibe, issues that arise, important people you meet, lessons learned - anything mentionable, or if there was nothing mentionalbe at all.