Join The Handsome Ladies' Board of Directors



Howdy! We’re looking for a badass bluegrasser who is interested in becoming the newest board member of The Handsome Ladies, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to supporting and encouraging women bluegrassers of all levels within an inspired and connected community. With chapters in San Francisco, Seattle, and Nashville, we are growing quickly and continue to expand our programs to better serve our local communities. We host monthly jams and workshops in each of our chapter cities, manage a thriving Facebook group with hundreds of followers, and actively participate in local bluegrass festivals, radio shows, and music camps. If you’re a go-getting, bluegrass-picker who wants to be a part of this amazing organization, work alongside four other hardworking Handsome Ladies, and directly contribute to the success of our mission to support and encourage women bluegrassers, we want to hear from you!

General Workload:

  • Physical presence at at least one local jam per month (3 hours of playing time per jam)

  • Up to 5 hrs of working time per week on org operational duties (this includes either general duties, or committee-specific duties such as marketing and promotion of events, finance administration, etc.)

  • Monthly 1-hour board meetings on Google Hangout

  • Quarterly blog post contributions to the Handsome Ladies blog

  • $100 in annual board dues


  • Free passes to festivals & concerts including Father’s Day Bluegrass and RBA concert series
  • Tons of jamming time!
  • Access to a community of tight-knit, awesome ladies both on the board and in the HL group
  • The ability to make a real impact in the bluegrass community and directly support women within it
  • Potential for travel to festivals and/or conferences in other states (i.e. Wintergrass, IBMA, etc)



  • Have impeccable follow-through (If you commit to an action item, we need to be able to count on you)

  • Play a bluegrass instrument (beginner-level and up is A-OK, but you must be comfortable leading a jam)

  • Ability to bring new ideas to the table, within your board committee's charter

  • Be willing to commit to at least a year’s worth of time on The Handsome Ladies board



  • Some experience in finance or legal preferred
  • Experience working in the public-sector or non-profits
  • Good writing skills for quarterly blog posts 


Who we are:

The Handsome Ladies board is a collective of four talented, go-getting, bluegrass-picking ladies with diverse backgrounds that include graphic design, marketing, lighting design, food & beverage, and non-profit work. We’re not only coworkers but also friends in real-life. We’re spread out across three cities: San Francisco, Seattle and Nashville, and while we don’t hang out in person as much as we’d like, we work together closely to ensure continual growth and success of The Handsome Ladies’ mission. 

**The Handsome Ladies is run on volunteer power and this is a volunteer position**

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