J. Rose and The Product Reviews: Instrument Straps

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of luck when you’re in search of a worthy product. Other times, it takes a ton of trial and error which usually costs us unnecessary time and money. Let’s face it; the market is saturated with after thoughts, leftovers and disposable products that make it hard to sift through the muck and find the quality that we are seeking. Repeat after me: “Don’t settle". After so many bad experiences, it’s easy to surrender your standards and settle for something that is almost what you want. It’s like a romantic comedy. Don’t give up ladies! Your guitar strap is out there somewhere, you just need to find it. The importance of good guitar strap can sometimes be lost in the shuffle. What makes a guitar strap good? When choosing a product, it’s important to prioritize your needs in order of importance. 

Function first.

Does the product do what it is made to do? While this may seem simple, it’s amazing how many products sacrifice function in order to achieve other design goals. 

Design second.

Does the product look good in your world? This is the fun part. Finding a guitar strap that somehow helps you to express yourself as a musician, but also as a woman is incredibly important. We need pattern, texture, and style choices to aid in our ensemble.

Price third. 

Is the price right for you? This is a hard one to keep at the bottom of your list, but in my experience, it is best to find the middle ground when considering dollar signs. Keep in mind that this goes both ways. Of course, we all want a sale price, but at what cost? Be careful not to trade function for a discount. You’re not shopping for a sale, you’re shopping for a specific item. That being said, remember to be a smart consumer. If it happens that you find everything you’ve ever wanted, but the price is way more than you can afford, then there’s only one option: Sleep on it. If you can’t stop thinking about it, then chances are it will be worth every penny.  


Brand / Function / Design / Price

The vinyl that is used on the retro style is too slippery. My guitar was sliding around like a fish out of water. // Creative designs with fun patterns and lots of retro fabric choices (even if they are all too slick to keep your instrument in place) // $34-$54

Handmade Straps        
Total function and seriously comfortable! // Most straps are made to order with options to add a pick pouch. // Lots of different pattern, color and width choices. Also, they’re handmade in Nashville, TN. // $45-$76

Functional and unique! // The sequined banjo strap is all the rage amongst The Handsome Ladies! // Check it out here // $98 (free shipping)