Top 10 Jam Songs from 2018

by Michelle Haft

One of our Handsome Ladies jam traditions is writing down a song list of what was played and submitting it into our website. Each of our seven chapters participates in this, and over the past year we’ve documented hundreds of jam songs. We did a round up of all our jam lists across all of our chapters and pulled out the most commonly called songs of 2018. Have a look below!

Top 10 Jam Songs:

  1. Angeline the Baker

  2. Bury Me Beneath the Willow

  3. Sitting on Top of the World

  4. Your Love is Like a Flower

  5. Will the Circle be Unbroken

  6. Salt Creek

  7. Arkansas Traveler

  8. Old Joe Clark

  9. March Winds

  10. Wildwood Flower