A Page Turner

Yennie Dee Brecheisen

The first few chapters can make or break most books. If they don’t succeed in peeking your interest, you may never come to find how the story ends. It has been in the works for some time, getting our latest two chapters up in running in Seattle and Nashville. Delicate clippings that were each very carefuslly rooted in their new towns. Our budding organization is building upon a rich history and we want to turn the pages, chapter by chapter, taking all of you with us!

The Handsome Ladies Seattle Chapter

Join in every 3rd Monday at Al's Tavern.

Before I could think about starting a new chapter, I knew I needed to get to know my new community. I wanted to see where this new chapter might fit in. Was the need there? As it turned out, there was a definite need and with the help and support of some of my new picking buddies, we found a local bar that was really enthusiastic about the idea of a monthly ladies jam. Jackpot! We just hosted our second ladies jam last week and like the first, it was a total success.  My immediate concern was attendance, but it was packed.  There have been new faces at every jam and tons of positive feedback.  Thanks for letting us in Seattle!  
— Gina Astesana

The Handsome Ladies Nashville Chapter

Message for details!

I knew I wanted to start up a Nashville Handsome Ladies chapter since the moment I got to town. At the same time, I wanted it to develop organically, and adapt to the local Nashville flavor.  I started frequenting other local jams, like the American Legion jam in East Nashville, Bluegrass shows at the Station Inn, and music camps like Megan Lynch’s Bluegrass Banjo camp, to integrate myself into the community. I wasn’t shy about mentioning the Handsome Ladies but wanted to be respectful too and let the interest develop on its own. In time I had a few new pickin’ girlfriends who were expressing interest in co-hosting Handsome Ladies Jams with me. I reached out to a few local teachers like Megan Lynch, Clelia Stefanini, Eric Frey, Sandy Conaster, and Bethany Olds, who graciously helped spread the word of our first jam, which happened in July to great success. Our next jam is coming up next week, August 29th. I’m thrilled to see such a positive reception from locals here and look forward to seeing our local presence grow.
— Michelle Haft

Not to fear, The Handsome Ladies in the Bay Area is still thriving with a 3rd Monday monthly jam at our favorite local bluegrass haunt, Amnesia, which turned two last May, and a more intimate private jam in Berkeley. 

Packed House Jam in Berkeley

Join in every 2nd Tuesday.


As we spread the mission of The Handsome Ladies with these new chapters, we are humbled by the dedication of everyone to hone their bluegrass skills, thankful for our welcoming communities, and empowered to keep growing to serve all the women pickers out there while participating in the broader bluegrass community as a whole. 

While I’m on the topic of serving the greater bluegrass community, I’d like to take a moment to let you know that both Jessica Furui and I are running for the board of the California Bluegrass Association! While Jessica is a current board member, doing fabulous work, this is my inaugural run and I hope to join the ranks of this long standing organization. I encourage all of our California locals to:

  1.  Consider becoming a CBA member, if you are not already - join here
  2.  Read the candidate statements of those running for the board
  3.  Last but not least, participate by casting your VOTE!

Let's Pick!