The Bluegrass Holiday Gift Guide

by Michelle Haft

Ahhh, its that time of the year again: chestnuts roasting on an open fire, pumpkin spiced lattes, Lifetime Christmas movies specials, and holiday bluegrass jams! Trust me, nothing breaks up family-gathering awkwardness like a good bluegrass sing-a-long. As a handsome lady and fellow bluegrass lover, I know this is also the best time to stock up on bluegrass gear and accessories you’ve been coveting all year, or show your love to another fellow bluegrasser with the perfect music-related gift. 

There are so many great gift ideas out there—from the beautiful and handmade, to the clever, didn’t-realize-how-much-I-needed-it gift. So how do you pick the right gift that shows off your music savvy without falling into the realm of kitsch and impracticality? We’ve put together a list of Handsome favorites below, with an eye for style, quality, sass, and bluegrass authenticity. Whether you’re needing something to get you stage-ready for a 2017 full of gigs, or just getting your toes wet in the jamming scene, we’ve got ideas for you. Have a look below and hopefully find something you love, and wishing you all the very best of holidays and a happy New Year!

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The Jam Queen

Copperpeace Leather Instrument Straps - $98

Handmade in Ballard, Seattle by a fellow lady-musician, Copperpeace straps are beautiful, durable and very functional. She makes her straps in a variety of styles, from Herringbone to sequins to handmade lace, and for both guitars and banjo. You can’t go wrong with these straps as a gift for yourself or a friend, and the cherry on top is their signature “Pick Pocket” built into the leather strap. 

Snark Tuner - $30

This is my absolute favorite tuner to use because the interface is so easy to read. While it is on the larger side, it also harder to lose or misplace at jams. It has a nice design, the battery is easy to replace when its running low and its very affordable.


Blue Chip Picks - $35-40

These are hands-down the best picks on the market. They feel great in your hand, silky smooth but still very grippy, have good volume, good control and a smooth tone. They’re quite durable too and stand the test of time. They make both flat picks as well as thumb picks for you banjo players.

Peghead Nation String School Online Subscription - $20/month


What better gift to give a bluegrasser than the gift of learning? Peghead Nation is a wonderful online course that has video lessons for nearly every instrument including guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, dobro, and ukulele. It features many of our favorite Bay Area teachers and HL friends, including Bill Evans, Sharon Gilchrist, Evie Ladin and more. Online subscriptions start at $20/month for one course. 

The Festival Miss

Rock mount Ranch Wear Pearl Snap Shirt - $70–100

Festivals are all about the jamming, but I’ll admit: its fun to look great while doing it. And what better way to do that than a with a pearl-snap or fringed western shirt? Rockmount Ranch Wear is a 3-generation business and purveyor of fine western-wear, all made in the USA. I love this quote coined by founder Jack A. Weil (1901 - 2008) who worked daily until age 107 years old:  ”The West is not a place, it is a state of mind.” I sure hope to be picking until age 107! They have a line of vintage-inspired western shirts which all have a beautiful and classic design and signature pearl-snap buttons. A few of my personal favorites are the "Cannabis Cowgirl,” the “Sugar Skull”, and the “Nashville Rose”.


Bluegrass Koozie - $3

Everyone needs a good koozie to keep their bevvies cold in the afternoon festival sun. Here are a few that feature bluegrass-related artwork, a perfect stocking stuffer.


Handsome Ladies koozie: available for purchase at any HL jam!

Camping Lantern - $30-50

Having good lighting is essential for late-night festival jamming. Camping lanterns are fairly inexpensive and come in so many convenient, collapsable styles that are easy to pack and very lightweight.

The Stage Gal

Music/Instrument Stand - $15-40

I recently purchased an instrument stand myself and wow, I can’t tell you how much its changed my comfort on stage. I play with two banjos so having a double-instrument stand was crucial for me to be able to set one instrument down and have easy-access to the other in between songs. Stands help reduce the amount of on-stage shuffling which helps polish overall performance and keep nerves down. You can also use a music stand on stage where to place lyric sheets and accessories like tuners and picks when you’re not using them. Here is a great guide to finding the right on-stage instrument stand below, a link to the double-stand I bought (guitar stands can be used interchangeable for banjos), and a music stand that collapses into a carrying bag for portability.

Ear Trumpet Labs Microphone - $600

This one is expensive, but if you’re looking to splurge this is SO SO worth it as a band investment. Ear Trumpet Labs makes some of the most gorgeous, hand-made microphones that combine state-of-the-art sound quality with a beautiful, vintage design. Joseph and I recently got one ourselves, and we absolutely LOVE it. It’s great for ensuring a consistent sound quality on stage and has been so handy for recordings around the house or studio to use for band promotion. There mics come in a nice portable metal, padded box with a handle so its easy to carry around to gigs. 

We got the Myrtle, which is best for small acoustic ensembles: