Country & Bluegrass Harmony Singing Intensive @The Freight

A bunch of us are going to this workshop at the Freight this Saturday! Looks like it will be a grand time! Join us!

Country & Bluegrass Harmony Singing Intensive
Saturday, April 25, 1:00-4:30pm, $35

A roll through the basics and on to some of the really interesting aspects of singing American country and bluegrass harmony (and lead) from adding crunchy notes to crossing harmonies and more. As time permits, we’ll work on blend, stacks and voice production. Expect some good must-know songs and one-on-one (or two-on-two) singing. It’s a perfect opportunity to take your singing to that next level.

Val Mindel is a long-time performer and a teacher of American traditional music, well known for the harmony workshops she leads across the country, often with daughter Emily Miller (check out for info on their new album, Close to Home).

Val’s focus is the tight, buzzy close harmony so prevalent in country and bluegrass music.

She’s a regular on staff at popular music camps in the US and abroad (Augusta Heritage program’s Vocal Week, Allegheny Echoes, Village Harmony, and England’s Sore Fingers, to name a few), teaching variations on duets, country harmony and bluegrass and honky-tonk styles. She lives in Vermont and teaches regularly throughout New England and at Jalopy music school in Brooklyn. She was a founding member of the Any Old Time String Band, which over the years has performed at every incarnation of the Freight & Salvage.