The Handsome Ladies : Your Future 501(c)(3)


Summertime is passed and gone… truth, but also a wonderful song. (I personally love the Red Allen and Frank Wakefield version the best.) It’s been such a great year of festivals, camping and of course lots of bluegrass! One of the most rewarding aspects of playing music is the continued growth. At some point, that G-run will happen, that note will get hit and that break will work out. And then you just have to play the song a million more times! Work with The Handsome Ladies is equally rewarding. The other Charter Members and I were just talking the other day about how wonderful it is to watch each other’s personal growth and that of other Ladies. It goes to show that if you put time and effort into any project, you will see the results.

We’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into The Handsome Ladies this year. You may not be aware, but we are in the final stages of becoming a real-deal non-profit organization! Our goal: to promote women in bluegrass! With such an incredible reception in our first couple of years as a private FaceBook group and now a public page as well, we have received so much positive feedback about what we're doing. Naturally, we felt that “this could actually be ‘something.’” I cant be sure when we decided to pursue the non-profit status, but its been an interesting road so far.

Once we submitted the name with the State, we had to wait to get approval for our name, just in case someone or other group was using it. Luckily, we were able to secure the name The Handsome Ladies. Next, we had to formally apply for non-profit status. The next step now is to identify our Board of Directors and submit bylaws. At our most recent Charter Meeting (yes, we have these meetings monthly!), we decided on our Board and defined roles! It was so exciting for all of us to brainstorm together on our goals, future projects and strong suits. What makes it even more fantastic is that each one of the Charter Members (there are seven of us) has a unique and important skill-set that we’re able to offer to the group.

The future is looking quite bright for The Handsome Ladies! We’ve got some fun projects ahead of us that will help to spread the gospel of bluegrass! Be sure to stay tuned to updates here on the website! And as always, if you are interested in joining the group, let us know! Looking forward to seeing you or meeting you soon.